Natalia Antuszewska
Pieczęć tłumacza

Sworn translator

of Russian language in Warsaw

Natalia Antuszewska – Sworn translator of Russian language in Warsaw

In case You need sworn translation or unsworn translation from Polish to Russian language, or from Russian to Polish language, please do not hesitate to contact us. I realize translations in usual (2-3 days) and express period of time (next day or the same day) of orders realization. Please contacts us from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m., during working days and holidays.

I realize translations of the non-specialist text, as well, us texts and documents with specialist vocabulary. I have got a lot of experience in translation of texts and documents on following topis: law, international trade, economy, medicine, insurance, chemistry, touristic industry and others.

If you got contacts with international partners and for the development of Your business You need sworn translations of company documents, or for documents arrangement You need sworn translations of travel documents (insurance policies, legalization documents, ect.) or documents, which confirms education, please contact us.

Making order for translations services on this Web, You are omitting costs of intermediaries and receive professional translation at competitive prices.


Natalia Antuszewska

tel. 603 22 60 22

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