Natalia Antuszewska
Pieczęć tłumacza

Sworn translator

of Russian language in Warsaw

Professional education and experience

I possess relevant professional education to perform profession of the sworn translator of Russian language. I passed successfully state exam on Russian sworn translator, organized by Polish Ministry of Justice.

I am a sworn translator of Russian language from the official list of sworn translators, lead by Polish Ministry of Justice.

I am a graduate of Warsaw University, Faculty of Economic science. I possess master degree of Economics with specialization in International Economics

The same time, I posses the Diploma of Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies in Translation and Interpreting at the Institute of Applied Linguistics (ILS), University of Warsaw, with specialization in Law and court translations – Russian language.

On the 5th of October 2013 I led a lecture with the title “VOCABULARY IN RUSSIAN INSURANCE CONTRACTS” for Russian translators group at workshop during XXVII seminar organized by TEPIS (The Polish Society of Sworn and Specialized Translators).