Natalia Antuszewska
Pieczęć tłumacza

Sworn translator

of Russian language in Warsaw

Written translations

During the period of more than 10-years of my employment in international corporations I gained experience in WRITTEN TRANSLATIONS from Polish language into Russian language and from Russian language into Polish language.

If You need translation from Polish language into Russian language or from Russian language into Polish language following kinds of documents and texts:

  • Trade agreement
  • International contract
  • Authenticated deeds
  • Civil status documents
  • Documents of state registration of enterprises and official certificates
  • Court and law documents
  • Customs documentation and documents from customs agents
  • Insurance documents (policies and others)
  • Medical documentation
  • Commercial correspondence
  • Residence documents for foreigners staying in Poland
  • Documents, which confirm education (high, secondary)
  • Economical texts
  • Law texts
  • Insurance texts
  • Medical texts
  • Pharmaceutical texts
  • Journalistic texts
  • Literature texts
  • Touristic texts
  • Historical texts
  • Training scripts
  • and others

In order to receive price for written translation, please contact us from 8 a. m. till 10 p.m. on the phone number:
+48 603 22 60 22 or on e-mail address:



Natalia Antuszewska

tel. 603 22 60 22

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